This Is What No One Told You About Menopause -


This Is What No One Told You About Menopause


The absence of periods for a year is an indicator that a woman is transitioning from a reproductive to a non-reproductive phase in life, i.e. she has entered her menopause. For most women menopause starts around 51, although the first signs can appear even 10 years earlier.

This process doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s rather gradual and is a different experience for each woman. Although the most common symptoms include abnormal vaginal bleeding, hot flashes, and mood changes, there are other, less common symptoms no one ever tells you.

1# Heart palpitations are common

Many women experience heart palpitations during menopause. Although these can signal a heart problem in some, in others it’s simply a result of hormonal fluxes. You can easily tell one from the other as heart palpitations that last more than a few minutes, make you feel short of breath or cause you to faint (or nearly faint) indicate a more serious condition that asks for medical attention.

2# LDL may increase

Apart from regulating periods, estrogen can also keep cholesterols levels in check. As this hormone decreases in

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