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8 Mistakes All Women Make When Using Bra! 1 Causes Cancer


One of the most erotic parts of the female body is the breasts and, by association of ideas, so is the support. That is why it has become a key element of fashion to become almost an obligation, but do you know the risks of wearing brasier?

The most powerful weapon to fight against breast cancer is information, likewise, one of the main enemies we have women is bad information or incorrect information that comes in the form of myths about misuse of the bra.

8 Bad decisions when using bra:

A smaller size bra

In addition to being uncomfortable with size, you could also cause a very serious problem like breast cancer. Yes, as you read it. It seems that it is only a question of a size but it is not. When you use smaller sizes, these make your breasts oppress and little by little you accumulate a small layer of grease inside these and begin to generate tumors Do not put your health at risk!

Wear a support for many years

Using an old bra could cause your breasts to go down, since after a long time they will lose their shape and end without a spring. This will cause your breasts are not so firm. It will be
much more difficult to do exercises to return to their initial position than to buy a new bra.

Use a bra that leaves marks on all sides

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