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10 Foods That Will Clean Your Arteries And Protect You From Heart Attack!


Heart disease is one of the deadliest diseases which should be taken care of!

The reason for heart disease is clogged arteries which has a main purpose of interrupting the flow of blood in the body. These arteries block the flow of blood towards the heart and then also don’t allow the blood to flow away to other parts of the body.

There’re some simple and common factors which most of the people follow and due to which such problems occur. Heart disease is top on the list of such problems and this is only due to unhealthy diet and even stress.

This can be avoided by controlling the consumption of unhealthy diet and changes which are need to be done in the diet as per the requirement for your healthy heart.

Here are some foods, which will keep your heart healthy:

1- Salmon fish:

-It is the best food to keep heart healthy due to the presence of fatty acids
-Cholesterol and inflammation are some of the key ingredients for heart disease and salmon can help to prevent these!

2- Orange juice

-Orange is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C
-This will help to keep the blood vessels healthy and to keep the blood pressure in required levels
-By drinking 2 glasses of this juice will help you to get the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body

3- Nut

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