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WARNING WOMAN! Don’t Ever Eat This Part Of The Chicken! Here’s Why


Before we start this article, you should know that this is a real life story sent by one of our followers, which requested to stay anonymous. Reading this article is of a great importance and it conveys a warning message to all women: Don’t ever eat this part of the chicken.

As our follower claims, a friend of hers underwent a surgery for a cyst removal while ago, due to some kind of growth in her womb.  When she woke up from the surgery, she found out that the cyst was filled with a dark colored blood.

She thought that she would recover after the surgery, but in fact, she relapsed a few months after the surgery and had to seek help from her gynecologist.

The doctor asked her whether she often tends to eat chicken wings, she said yes, and was really surprised how the doctor knew her eating habits.

The gynecologist explained to her that the chickens are usually injected with growth stimulating steroids (which is also confirmed by many health experts), and that this is the leading reason for her

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