Six Diseases That Could Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep -


Six Diseases That Could Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep


Sleep is very important for the mentally and physically healthy. With sleeping our body is recharged after long and stressful day.
During the sleep, millions of processes still happen in the body, helping the cells to regenerate and to repair the damaged tissue.

But, when we don’t sleep enough, these functions fail to be finished on time, and we have difficulties to concentrate, and what’s more important there are numerous side effects that can be dangerous.
Today, we will present you 6 diseases which are result of a lack of sleep:

Cardiovascular Disease

The strongest evidence of the correlation of heart problems and lack of sleep has been found at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.

The team of researchers, for 14 years, followed 657 Russian men at 25-64 aged. They have found that 2/3 of the people that have experienced a heart attack, had a sleeping issue.
Those men who had sleep disorders, had 1.5 – 4 times higher risk of a stroke, and 2.6 times greater

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