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What The Shape Of Your Face Reveals About Your Personality


There are chances that this may come to you as a surprise. Did you know that the shape of your face could tell a lot about your personality? Well if you did not, now you know. According to a face reading expert Jean Haner and the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, most people do not have distinct face shapes. Arguably, some people could have a mixture of square or round or oval whereas some do have a shape that you can clearly recognize.

It may sound as a bluff or as if I am trying to generate some reaction to fill my comments section with reviews, but apparently, there is science behind it.

In her book, Haner states that she derived her various face reading techniques based on a 3,000 years old study on Chinese medicine. Not only does the shape of your face reveal your character, but also interestingly, your overall approach to life can be depicted.

Your face is a map of your personality and as well as your whole life. Below is a list of six kinds
of face shapes and what they reveal.

Oval Face Shape

An oval shape is characterized by a wider forehead with a jaw that is narrower than the

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