Here’s How To Identify Rice That Contains Plastic -


Here’s How To Identify Rice That Contains Plastic


China produces more than 200 tons of rice annually, which makes it the largest rice producer in the world. However, according to a recent The Korean Times report, Chinese rice is very dangerous and made of plastic!

The report said that Chinese producers sell artificial rice made of potato starch and plastic which is steamed with rice aroma in the end. After further investigation into the matter, it was discovered that the fake Chinese rice contains as much plastic as a little plastic bag!

Luckily, the rice differs from real rice in many ways, and you can easily determine which one is fake by following these simple tips:

The mortar and pestle test

Crush a few grains of rice and observe – if the rice becomes fine white powder, it is organic. If it leaves a yellow stain in the mortar, it’s plastic.

The fire test

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