Get Rid Of Foot Pain In Minutes With These 6 Effective Stretches -


Get Rid Of Foot Pain In Minutes With These 6 Effective Stretches


Bones in the body are connected, which causes the transfer of any feeling from one to another part of the body. One of the examples of this theory is that the pain in the foot causes pain in the leg.

The pain felt in the feet can be caused by arthritis bunions, heel spurs, corns , athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails , overlapping toes and many others (more than 25), which make people to be uncomfortable.

According to the Chinese reflexology (old for millennia) the feet are source of the entire health of the body. Because of that many people start their healing by the treatment of the feet, like detox foot baths, some natural alternatives and stretches as the best of them.

In this topic we offer you 6 effective stretches that can be done in 5 minutes.

Toe Lifts

Try to lower just a big toe and keep others up (the foot is in the same position). If you can’t press big toe, then press the pinky toe, and repeat this stretch 5 times with each foot.

Raising of toe

Toes are in elevated position, while are you standing on the feet. Raise the pinky toe at the

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