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7 Ways To Know If A Girl Is Still A Virgin!


clue of female virginity from these. There are attitudinal clues that may indicate virginity. Some of these may include the religious background of the lady, moral uprightness and ideologies. Though it appears that religion, morals and feminism are squarely against s-ex for different reasons.

Some believe s-ex is wrong as they see it as a form of exploitation while others consider it a sin when done outside marriage. It is however apparent that a display of any of these characteristics might be an indication of virginity.

Furthermore, some Psychologists have said that a lot of ladies do not stay as virgins for the reasons they put forward. Some have been said to remain virgins as a result of ugliness and decide to stay as virgins because they do not want to become cheap by sleeping with some one that is not of their social strata. Thus, for this reason, they justify their staying off s-ex by declaring sex as immoral.

3 – Birth control pills

Well, you wouldn’t see a virgin take birth control pills now, or would you? Seeing packs of

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