How To Use Lemons to Shrink Your Waistline And Melt The Belly Fat -


How To Use Lemons to Shrink Your Waistline And Melt The Belly Fat


Lemon can be considered one of the most commonly used fruit to make juices and vitamin shakes. It is also an ingredient of many food recipes. What almost everyone knows about health benefits of lemon is that it is rich in vitamin C. Apart from that, lemons also contain other compounds which are responsible for many potential healing properties, some of which we will mention here.

Weight Loss with Use of Lemons

Polyphenols contained in lemons are claimed to interfere with lipid metabolism and therefore change the distribution of ingested fat. In several studies, polyphenols derived from lemon stopped the progression of obesity in subjects without changing their diet. The mechanism of action is probably based on stimulating signaling cascades inside of fat cells, resulting in mobilizing and burning more fat than usual.

Benefits of Vitamin C from Lemon

Lemon is very rich in vitamin C, but what is the advantage of lemon over high-concentration vitamin C supplements which can be obtained in drug stores? Lemon is a natural carrier of vitamin C while tablets and capsules always contain additional synthetic substances which are unnecessary to our bodies.

Vitamin C is necessary for proper functioning of immune system, blood coagulation system, and it helps iron absorption in the intestines. Additionally, vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. Before knowing these facts, persons with poor dietary habits (sailors for example), have commonly suffered from the serious disease called

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