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Reasons Why You Gets Skin Fungus And How To Prevent It


because fungus depends on moisture to reproduce and thrive.

One way to get skin fungus is through direct contact with someone infected or with their skin cells, meaning you should always be careful when using public areas such as swimming pools and locker rooms. It’s also important never to use things like combs or towel in those places.

It’s also good to know that synthetic materials also create perfect breeding grounds for fungi, so aim at wearing natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Pay particular attention when choosing your underwear. Also, keeping your skin, especially the skin under your breasts, clean and dry throughout the day is important too. Don’t forget your toes too, especially if you spend a long time in footwear.

A weakened immune system is another risk for fungal infections. A healthy well-balanced diet including lots of vegetables and fruits as well as natural probiotics, like yoghurt, can significantly improve your body’s immune response. As fungus thrives on sugar, it’s essential to cut down carbohydrates and increase protein and healthy fat intake. Proper hydration and good quality sleep are important too.

As fungal infections are highly infectious, avoid scratching the affected area in order to prevent spreading of the

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