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After Reading This, You Will Never Drink Ice Cold Water Again


iced water. In this way your digestive tract lacks energy and fails to digest food and extract nutrients properly, not to mention the excessive water loss.

– If you drink a glass of cold water after your meals, your body will start  producing excess mucus. Your immune system fails to carry its regular function, so you are likely to catch a cold or develop any severe health condition.

– Combine cold water or soda with your meals will increase your body weight. Wonder why? Your body cannot process excess fats, and they end up in your tissues and organs.

– If you believed that cold water will enhance your immune function and help you burn calories, you are absolutely wrong. Your digestive system does not need any additional burden, and cold water always makes things worse and harder.

Warm water does you good

Why is warm water better for you?

  • Maximum hydration
  • Enhanced digestion – your digestive enzymes are largely stimulated
  • Better food breaks down
  • Easier bowel movement (drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning)
  • Proper blood cleansing
  • Better detoxification carried through the lymphatic system, skin and kidneys

You will enjoy the benefits of warm water once you get used to it. Your amazement will go to the extent that even your sugar cravings will disappear.


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