Bye Bye To Big Belly! This 5 Simple Tips Will Flatten Your Stomach Starting Today -


Bye Bye To Big Belly! This 5 Simple Tips Will Flatten Your Stomach Starting Today


Bigger belly or Bloating is a very uncomfortable issue which affects a surprisingly large number of people. It looks and feels unpleasant and even though it’s temporary if it happens frequently you should definitely do something about it. Here are a few tips which can help you flatten your stomach starting today.

Decrease Salt

We all eat salt, it’s a necessary component of our everyday meals. But excess salt in your diet will make your body retain water and lead to an imbalance of salt and water in your body. What happens next? You get bloated.

If you eat lots of frozen prepackaged foods, fast food, snacks and similar products you’re probably ingesting more sodium than you should.

Adding salt to everything you eat is also another way you could be taking in too much salt.  Stored carbohydrates hold three times the water that protein does, so if you are eating a lot of pasta reduce the amount of carbs and add more protein instead.

Drink Water

You should increase the amount of water you drink on a daily basis. Drinking water releases stored cellular fluid and this means a flatter tummy! If your body is slightly dehydrated, it’s literally crying out for water.  It needs that water for every single process in it performs, so it holds onto it because it does not know when it will have enough again.

If this is the reason why your belly bloats, drinking a few more glasses of water will restore your flat belly. You should

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