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7 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship With Your Lover


Some bad habits can be forgivable and ignored, but when it’s done repeatedly, it could cause a strain in your relationship.There are some things that are really bad for your relationship and may cause your partner to leave you if you don’t stop them. Though, No one is perfect but we can all try to do our best

1. Never Accepting Blame

Some people don’t ever take responsibility for anything, they just keep passing the blame even though they are at fault.You can’t keep putting all the blame on your partner, learn to accept blame even if it’s a little.

2. Pretense

Stop pretense because sooner or later the real you will be revealed.Stop acting like everything is alright all the time when they’re not.Be open with your partner.Being a pretender is not good brother and sister.

3. Comparing Your Partner To Your Ex

Nobody likes being compared.If your ex was that perfect you would still be with him or her.Stop the comparison else your partner maybe forced to end the relationship.

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4. Trying To Change Your Partner

You’re not the “Holy Spirit”, so stop trying to mold your partner into what you want them to be.Think about how you feel when someone tries to do the same thing to you.

5. Keeping Score Of Wrong/ Holding Grudges

It’s normal for people to make mistakes and your partner is not an exception.Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone who finds it hard to forget and forgive.

 6. Always Critizing Family And Friends

These people were in their lives way before you came along.If you keep critizing the people close to them, he or she will feel you’re trying to isolate them and may eventually end the relationship with you

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7. Too Big To Say The Word “I AM SORRY”

Don’t be too proud to always say the word “I am Sorry”.Sorry should be the number one word in your relationship.Some ladies or guys do feel big to tell their partner “I am Sorry”.This particular word can help to save a relationship when you take it as a habit, and can help to destroy a relationship when you refuse to take it as a habit.Many relationship have been destroyed because of not using this word.

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