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5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You On Facebook


Everyone knows that it’s not difficult to cheat in a relationship. As your relationship get older, the excitement dies down. Most conversations you have, end up in an argument or a fight. And the thought of having just this one person with you for the rest of your entire life feels too suffocating. So what do you do? You go out and look for ways to end this frustration and you cheat! Most people do it without even knowing or admitting to it.

Cheating doesn’t just constitute that you go out and sleep with another person. It can take on all forms: You go out and flirt with every single person that crosses your path, that’s cheating. You keep talking to this one ‘friend’ the entire day, sharing all your life’s personal details with them, that’s cheating. And the most common one in this day and age is online cheating – more specifically with this random person you just met through Facebook.

Look out for the following changes in your partner’s behavior that warn you about their Facebook cheating:

1 – They Block Every Access You Have To their Facebook

Now I’m not saying that they’re obligated to give you their Facebook password or to let you scan every

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